Please note: I am currently updating my store as we've relocated to The Netherlands! All prices are subject to change as we update our prices to reflect VAT. If you'd like to order something, please drop me a message at I appreciate your patience!

About Abloro Jewellery

Aster rings

Abloro Jewellery is designed to express your individual style, effortlessly. Minimal jewels in a burst of gemstone colour can be worn all day, every day. Wear the collection your way, whether you choose streamlined or stacked and layered.

Designer-maker Raissa de Guzman draws her inspiration from a truly international life. Living and travelling around the UK and Asia, the beauty of the world can be seen in the vibrant colour and textures of her jewels. An affinity for nature and the sea shines through in her beautiful designs and semi-precious stones.

Abloro Jewellery is not just made with love, it is part of the story. Behind the pieces are hidden details and meaningful inspiration, so you can express your feelings as well as your style.

Affordable luxury in silver and gold, Abloro Jewellery is designed and handmade in Haarlem, Netherlands, from ethical and sustainable materials.

About Raissa  

Every piece you buy has been handmade by me at my home studio here in Haarlem.

In love with jewellery from a young age, one of my first memories is being three years old and begging my parents to buy me beads. I find the semi-precious gemstones I work with now as bewitching as those crackle-glazed beads I fell for then.

Despite my early obsession, I built a career in software before the call to make jewellery became too great. First learning to make jewellery in Hong Kong, I have also trained with the London Jewellery School, and taught myself new techniques on long evenings spent at the bench!

Apart from making jewellery, I am an avid runner. I will tell anyone who listens about my claim to fame - being the only female to cross the finish line at my first 100-mile race. If I am not thinking about jewellery, I am thinking about running and planning my next adventure...