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Abloro Jewellery Blog

  • How to clean jewellery with gemstones

    If you're anything like me, then you've probably got a few pieces of jewellery here and there that need a little TLC.

    You know, the ones with a little too much gunk? Or pieces that used to have a flawless shine but are now looking a little dull?

    If you find yourself on the same boat, read on for some tips on how to clean your gemstone jewellery at home!

  • Happy International Day of Forests 2021!

    "For every piece sold on my website, a tree is planted and protected in a mangrove in Madagascar."
  • Different Kinds Of Metals In Jewellery

    There's so many terms used now to describe the different kinds of metals used in jewellery that it's sometimes so confusing!In this guide, I'll co...
  • How to support a small business without spending

    Having your support as a small business means so much to people like me, who are working hard to follow our passion, and at the same time add value to the lives that we touch.
  • What to expect when ordering bespoke jewellery

    Have you ever experienced ordering bespoke jewellery? A bespoke jewellery piece has a special story to tell- a story that is unique to you, the per...
  • Jewellery and me

    One of the reasons I started my own jewellery business is because I wanted to restore the personal touch in the jewellery buying process, providing a customer-centric journey so you can get the most value from the experience.

    So I thought I'd share my own journey with jewellery, in the hopes of giving you an insight on who you're buying your jewellery from. 

  • The top 4 places to go sea glass hunting in the UK

    I love using sea glass because there are so many vibrant colours (forest green, teal, cobalt blue to name some), their frosty finish is stunning, they're versatile, and last but not the least, picking them up off the beach is a form of beach clean-up! Everyone wins.

    Here are a few beaches we visited where we found a lovely treasure trove of sea glass.