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Sustainability Pledge

When I founded Abloro Jewellery, I must admit I had no clue where to start so that I could get to my goal of making my brand 100% sustainable.

I believe that sustainability is a journey- it's about learning where the raw materials of the jewellery I make comes from; it's about researching possibilities for beautiful packaging that would have the least impact on the environment; it's about adapting and pledging to always do better.

It's by no means perfect, and this will change as I learn to adopt more sustainable practices for my brand, but here's my pledge to you:

🔹 Where available, the sterling silver, 9ct and 14ct gold used in Abloro Jewellery are 100% recycled materials. Currently, this is at the very least 75% of the metals used.

🔹 Majority of materials are sourced from suppliers who have a sound environmental policy themselves.

🔹 Abloro Jewellery pledges to only feature moissanite, a beautiful alternative to mined diamonds that are replicated from minerals only found in meteor craters, and ethically-sourced diamonds.

🔹 Majority of the materials used for jewellery boxes are sourced from an FSC-certified forest, where no more wood is cut from beyond what the forest can produce.

🔹 The packaging boxes are 100% recyclable

🔹 Packaging boxes are sealed with kraft tape, which is a great alternative to plastic.

🔹 On March 21st 2021, Abloro Jewellery became a proud partner of Ecologi, a non-profit that enables and empowers small businesses like mine to make a difference in reforestation efforts and climate-positive projects. For every item purchased through my store, a tree is planted in Madagascar.

We plant trees with Ecologi