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The top 4 places to go sea glass hunting in the UK

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post! :)

I'm very excited to use this new space to share the things that inspire my jewellery pieces, the process behind my work and other passions that influence my business.

It's no secret that my latest collection (out in 3 more sleeps!) is designed after the summer we spent heading out to various coasts, camping and generally having a great time outdoors. On our many strolls out on the beach, we found lots of sea glass that I've used in rings, bracelets and pendants in my new collection.

Sea glass ring in box

I love using sea glass because there are so many vibrant colours (forest green, teal, cobalt blue to name some), their frosty finish is stunning, they're versatile, and last but not the least, picking them up off the beach is a form of beach clean-up! Everyone wins.

Here are a few beaches we visited where we found a lovely treasure trove of sea glass.

Pentewan Beach, Cornwall

Pentewan beach

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There's a lovely assortment of colours and shapes of sea glass to be found at Pentewan beach. We even found a little pottery shard that had been smoothed out and tumbled by the sea. We were so busy picking up sea glass, I forgot to take photos at the beach!

Check out our haul from this beach:

Pentewan beach haul

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Lulworth cove beach

For better or for worse, the weather was pretty awful when we went to Dorset. But that meant there weren't many people at the beach, so we were able to take our time beach combing. Lots of beautifully coloured sea glass here too!

And quite honestly, what a backdrop for beach combing, hey?

Lulworth Cove view

Leysdown Beach, Isle of Sheppey

Leysdowne Beach

The pieces we found at Leysdown beach were fairly large and make for great pendants. Lots of frosty white sea glass here.

Leysdowne Beach Haul

Seaham Beach, Seaham

Marbled sea glass from Seaham beach
This is the worst kept secret of sea glass lovers! Seaham beach is home to the quirkiest, rarest sea glass you can find washed up in the shores of UK.
Make sure to check the tides before you go, otherwise it can get pretty rough out there!

I hope you enjoy your time beach combing when you go, and do share photos of your finds with me (you can tag me on Instagram). I would love to see your beach haul!

Where do you love beach combing for sea glass treasures? Share with me in the comments below :)



  • Lovely read and love seeing your passion about jewellery and sea glass :) I have never done this before but may take it up. It sounds so lovely and I love how you take something which others would see as nothing too special and make it into something so so beautiful :) love how eco friendly it is too. I think if I did go beach combing, it would have to be Scotland. I love Scottish islands, something about them I just adore. Looking forward to following your blog xxx

  • Thanks for sharing some of your seaglass spots! I’d love to go beachcombing for some 😍


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