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How to support a small business without spending

.. although you are very welcome to buy something!

I thought I'd share this not just because I own a small business myself, but also because a lot of businesses have shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. Back in April, it was estimated that one-fifth of independent businesses would go bust after a month. That was then- and not a lot has changed since. 

Having your support as a small business means so much to people like me, who are working hard to follow our passion, and at the same time add value to the lives that we touch. I understand that these are unusual times, and people have generally been more hesitant to spend.

Without further ado, here are a few ways you can help that won't cost you anything:

5 Ways to support small businesses without having to spend

🔹 Give them a follow on social media. (You can find me on Instagram)
🔹 Spread the word about their business- after all, sharing is caring!
🔹 If you're on Instagram, save their posts that you like- this acts as a "super like" in the Instagram algorithm, which can really boost a post.
🔹 If you've been a customer before, leave them a review!
🔹 Interact with their posts on social media- likes and comments do matter in this case

I recently created a shorter version of this blog post on Instagram (you can find it here), which you are very welcome to share! 

I hope this is useful for you and for your friendly neighbourhood small business. Know that I very much appreciate your support!



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