Kate sea glass ring in frosted white
Kate sea glass ring in frosted white worn
Kate sea glass rings
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"Kate" Sea glass ring in Frosted white

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A hand-picked sea glass pebble set on a sterling silver bezel, and textured ring.

Each ring sold is unique, as the shape and size of the setting is determined by the sea glass you choose. As a result, what you receive will not be the same as the ring pictured (unless you buy the ring in the photo, of course!)

The ring in the photo is size L, though you can order a custom one in your size and the same colour of sea glass.

Please note: This piece is made to order and may take anywhere between 3-5 days to dispatch.


"I wasn't even sure where to start. Where do people keep finding sea glass anyway? We went down to Hove on a whim one afternoon after a little adventure in the woods, and the moment we stopped looking, we found our first tiny piece of sea glass."

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