Elissa labradorite bangle top view
Elissa labradorite bangle worn
Elissa labradorite bangle front shot
Elissa labradorite bangle 3/4 angle
Elissa labradorite bangle close up
Abloro Jewellery

"Elissa" Labradorite Bangle

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A smooth labradorite with beautiful inclusions, set on a sterling silver bezel. This can be used as the clasp of the cuff if preferred (otherwise, the bracelet is designed to be a closed cuff).

This bracelet is made from a 14mm x 10mm labradorite and recycled sterling silver.

Please note: This piece is made to order and may take anywhere between 3-5 days to dispatch.


"Sometimes I wonder why we bother living in the city at all. Why don't we just move out to the country, where it's stunning and fresh and time doesn't just slip away when you're not looking?"

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