Michelle labradorite ring oval 3/4 shot
Michelle labradorite ring round worn
Michelle labradorite ring oval front view
Michelle labradorite ring oval 3/4 view
Michelle labradorite ring oval top down view
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"Michelle" Labradorite ring with 9ct gold- Oval stone

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A beautiful labradorite ring set on a textured sterling silver band. An added granulated detail is organically designed into the piece using granulated 9ct gold.

This ring is made from labradorite (7mm x 5mm oval), 100% recycled sterling silver and 100% recycled 9ct gold. Each ring sold is unique, as the granulation pattern differs by piece (unless you buy the ring in the photo, of course!)

Please note: This piece is made to order and may take anywhere between 3-5 days to dispatch. 


"The very day we drove out to Cornwall, the sun broke out of the heavy grey clouds, and that's when I knew it was going to be a wonderful time away from our daily hustle and bustle in the city."

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